Special Needs Ability  Program, Inc. (SNAP)
Employment Opportunities

SNAP services are provided by a collaboration of dedicated professionals wanting to make a difference for special needs individuals nationwide. 

We depend on volunteer support.

Currently SNAP is only operating on the support of our very generous volunteers.  We hope to have some paid service positions listed below by the end of 2014.

Open Positions

  • Group Facilitator - Person to oversee Parent and Sibling Support Group, usually one evening a week for two hours.  (Volunteer & Paid Position)

  • Respite Care Worker – Persons to provide respite care for children of all ages, usually 2.5 - 3 hours per evening up to 5 nights per week and 4 hours on Saturdays.  Flexible scheduling available (Paid Position)

  • Daycare/Preschool & Paraprofessional Training Facilitator
    This exciting position allows you to train and certify Daycare/Preschool facilities and their staff in your area.  Our in-center training program is approximately 2 hours long and can be scheduled in your spare time in most cases.  Webinar Training is required with co-author of the training program, Dr. Rachel Potter at Mary Baldwin College. (Paid Position)

  • Event Coordinator – Person responsible for developing monthly social events for special needs individuals.  Flexible position requiring promotion of scheduled events which would include functions for children and adults.

  • Job Coach – Person to work with employer/employee relations and on-the-job training for special needs individuals.  Flexible position up to 20 hours per week and requires travel to job sites within your area (Paid Position)

  • Professional Advocates - Person to work with families educating them and developing their special needs family member's IEP.  Flexible position requires travel and possible need to attend actual IEPs (Paid Position)

  • Sales & Marketing – Person to promote SNAP’s certification program to local restaurants, lodging facilities and grocery stores.  Flexible position up to 20 hours per week and requires some local travel (Volunteer & Paid Positions)

Employment Inquiries should send a resume and cover letter to:

If you would like to donate time towards a project or service, please be specific about your availability.  Thank you, in advance, for your dedication. 


Please complete all the information below in order for us to contact you.  Thank you

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