Special Needs Ability  Program, Inc. (SNAP)

Taking the "Dis" out of Disability!

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Our Philosophy

Our children's abilities are what sets them apart from their typical peers.  Having a disability does not mean our children cannot be a viable member of society. With proper training and public understanding, they can participate in a multitude of positions in the workforce, social events and in public speaking. In living their lives, they educate others on a daily basis. 

The business world changes constantly. For companies to be competitive and compassionate in the eyes of the consumer, they need to be more nimble than ever. However,  identifying and creating jobs for persons with
 a disability is never  an easy task. 

This is  just one area where SNAP's team of experts can help. Please continue reading for other ways our organization can help our families and communities work towards a better future. 

"Together we can move mountains for our special needs kiddo’s!"               
Jamie Grover, SNAP Director
Financial Support

Currently, SNAP operates without the assistance of any grant, state, local or
federal funds. We are only able to provide services from the generous support from individuals and business donations.

Please click on our Business Sponsorship or Family Sponsorship
areas to register as an ongoing SNAP Sponsor.

Or, make a one time donation to assist us in providing services to families in need.

We also accept monetary donations, as well as donations of equipment and office supplies. A list of our needs can be found on Our Wish List.

Lastly, please feel free visit our SNAP store
, as proceeds will help fund our services.

Every donation makes a difference.

Thank you!



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Our Commitment to the Community

SNAP provides opportunities to the special needs communities that are not always funded through Local, State & Federal programs.  Some examples would be:

  • Community Resource Education: Educating the community, parents, caregivers, extended family and siblings about services available in their community.
  • Workability Program: 
    Our team of professionals work to create positions in the workforce, educates employers and assist employees in gaining and maintaining employment.
  • Respite Care:                    
    Supplying families with options for qualified respite caregivers, in order to  provide them with a much needed break.
  • Recreational Opportunities:
    welcoming  recreational and social events for families with a special needs family member.  
  • Community Support:
    SNAP provides family support and educational groups for parents, caregivers and siblings.   


SNAP believes in a collaborative effort in supplying services to special needs individuals and their family.  We welcome the opportunity of  working with any organization or charity to achieve the highest level of service for our community. 

Please contact us to see how we can partner with your organization to achieve mutual goals within our communities.

Workability Program
Building partnerships between employers & special needs employees.

Respite Services
Providing families with quality respite opportunities.

Social/Recreational Services
Bringing social and recreational opportunities to the special needs community.

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